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Knock ’em dead by the pool with a retro bathing suit!

It’s official, summer is here in all its glory. Whether you’re a sun lover hitting the beach or you prefer the quiet of your local pool, you can step out looking like a 1950’s pin-up in your retro bathing suit. … Continue reading


The Peter Pan Collar – a kinderwhore classic

Although they’ve recently come in to mainstream fashion thanks to “celebs” wearing them, peter pan collar dresses were once a thing of alternative fashion! And so they will remain once the other girls have forgotten about them. If you’re not … Continue reading


Popular item: Camo hoodie – camouflage hoodies

Camouflage hoodies remain one of our most searched for items! Camo hoodies have been a popular item ever since we used to stock them about 4 years ago. Here’s some links to help anyone looking to buy a camo hooded … Continue reading


Gothic fashion

Gothic fashion is dark: a sometimes morbid and eroticized style of dress. Gothic fashion is inspired by the Victorian era Modern Gothic styles often borrow from the punk, rock or heavy metal subcultures but authentic gothic fashion is heavily inspired … Continue reading


Style profile: True Romance Alabama – Leopard print coat, blue hooded jacket, jeans & converse

Alabama in True Romance (that’s a 1993 film written by Quentin Tarantino – if you haven’t seen it, get it) is an iconic character known for her outlandish alternative fashion sense. She wears a lot of animal prints and bright … Continue reading


Style profile: Striped pencil skirt & faux leather jacket

Our ‘style profiles’ are a new feature to our alternative clothing blog – articles about great looking alternative style outfits we’ve seen in films, on TV, on the net or even on people in the street. Here’s the first. Enjoy! … Continue reading


Punk tartan trousers for women – plaid pants, a classic that never dies

There’s something exciting about tartan trousers, quite simply – they rock! They’ve had a resurgence in popularity thanks to the ’emo’ scene that swept the UK over the last few years but I love them as part of a punk … Continue reading – the best in alternative footwear

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Sourpuss Micro mini skirt with Zebra print

Micro mini in pink with black all over Zebra print. from Sourpuss Clothing in the USA Length: approx. 11 inches


Nightmare Before Christmas patch

Quality woven patch of Jack Skellington’s head from the cult favourite Tim Burton movie – Nightmare Before Christmas Can be sewn onto clothes, bags, caps etc. Measures 3 x 4.5 inches.


Cherry earrings

Stand out with these bright red cherry earrings! Measures approx. 1.5 inches from the top of the hook to the bottom of the cherries.


Skull & crossbones earrings

Skull & Crossbones earrings – the pendant on the earring is made from high quality cast chrome steel and the ear piece is made from chrome surgical steel Measures: skull part measures approx. 1″ (2.5cm), ear piece measures approx. 0.5″ … Continue reading