Punk tartan trousers for women – plaid pants, a classic that never dies

There’s something exciting about tartan trousers, quite simply – they rock! They’ve had a resurgence in popularity thanks to the ’emo’ scene that swept the UK over the last few years but I love them as part of a punk look or as a cool minimal look worn with a plain jumper.

A lot of the main names in UK alternative clothing produce punk plaid trousers, such as Darkside Clothing, Jist, Hell Bunny, Tiger of London (a classic punk brand), Sta Prest (a classic mod/skinhead brand), Living Dead Souls.

Each company brings their own unique style – some skinny leg, some wider leg, some hipster waist, some with bondage straps, etc., and loads of different colours to choose from, so browse around and see which suit you best:

Red Tartan Punk Jeans from Jist
Purple Tartan Punk Jeans from Jist
Black and White Tartan Punk Jeans from Hell Bunny

Pink Tartan Jeans from Living Dead Souls
Red Tartan Bondage Strap Trousers from Tiger of London
Tartan Trousers from Sta Prest

Plaid Jeans with zips from Living Dead Souls (Red)
Black and White Tartan Jeans with Bondage Straps from Hell Bunny
Red Tartan Jeans with Bondage Straps from Hell Bunny

Punk tartan trousers, outfit ideas!

As I said earlier, punk tartan trousers tend to look best with a plain top so the tartan can be the main focus of the outfit and you’re not overdoing the patterns.

I suggest wearing your tartan trousers with a plain jumper or t-shirt/vest (plain black is best) for a minimal punk look.

Tartan trousers look cool with heels, boots, converse, creepers – so many different styles of shoes will work with these.

(Looking for punk shoes? Check out out sister site – http://AltShoes-UK.com)

As always – have fun when choosing your style!

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