Style profile: Striped pencil skirt & faux leather jacket

Our ‘style profiles’ are a new feature to our alternative clothing blog – articles about great looking alternative style outfits we’ve seen in films, on TV, on the net or even on people in the street. Here’s the first. Enjoy!

Today’s style profile starts with this classic faux leather jacket, preferably in black (because if the rest of the outfit is black, that lets the striped skirt below become the focus of attention)

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A simple plain black vest, t-shirt or top under the jacket:

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Teamed with this super cool striped black and white pencil skirt, it’s eyecatching and stylish and we love it!:

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Then add some plain black tights of whatever denier you desire:

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And the shoes is really your choice (whatever works best for you, personally I love to wear Converse with pencil skirts) but thanks to the lady I saw this morning that was the inspiration for today’s style profile outfit – how about some cool, understated but attractive plain black suede heels:

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That wraps up our very first ‘style profile’! Look out for our next alternative clothing profile coming very soon. Thanks for reading.

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